In the past, dentures were chunky, wobbly pieces that make eating and speaking difficult and can threaten the wearer into an extremely awkward or embarrassing situation by falling off anytime. Thanks to new dental technologies, however, dentures today offer a better, snugger and more comfortable fit. website seo analysis report Both the design and materials being used have significantly improved through the years, and some models can even look like real teeth even under close scrutiny.

To make the most of your new dentures, it’s important to know how to use and take care of them properly. Now that you’re wearing dentures West New York dentists say it becomes even more important to be more vigilant about practicing strict dental hygiene. The aim is to take care of your dentures as well as your remaining set of teeth, so you avoid gum infection and prevent further tooth loss.

To make sure that your dentures continue to look good and function well for a long time, consider the following tips:

–          Be extra careful during the first few months. If your dentures are newly installed, follow your dentist’s instructions on eating soft food during the first few months. Avoid food with small, hard pieces such as nuts or sticky, chewy items such as caramels. Oatmeal, vegetables, fish, soups, eggs and ice cream are great choices because they’re nutrient-dense and filling as well. Take small bites and chew slowly.

–          Take them off at night. If the dentures are removable, it’s helpful to take them off at night before going to bed, or at least six hours every day. This allows your gum tissues time to breathe and rest from the pressure. It’s also a chance for you to soak your dentures in warm water or a cleansing solution prescribed by your dentist to thoroughly remove stains, bacteria and plaque.

–          Keep them clean. Just as you should brush your real teeth regularly, so do your dentures need daily cleaning. Choose a brush specifically designed for use on dentures (they’re usually made of soft bristles). You can brush using mild soap, dish washing solution or a dental paste for dentures, but it depends on the material of your dentures. Ask your dentist for advice before trying out any cleaning agent.

–          Practice proper oral hygiene. The gum tissue receives the most pressure when you’re wearing dentures. Allow them a chance to rest. Encourage circulation by giving them a thorough rinse and a soft massage (you can use a washcloth) after you have removed your dentures for the night. Brush your gums softly every morning before re-wearing your dentures, and continue to brush and floss your remaining true teeth.

Visit your dentist regularly to ensure that your oral health, and not just the state of your dentures, is in top condition. With the right dentures installed expertly by an experienced dentist and with your proper care, you can enjoy the use of your (false) teeth without worries.

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