Teeth-Whitening-Irvine-2White teeth can get you places, especially in cities such as New York where competition runs high for opportunities in life. In Tribeca, you have to work hard to get noticed, from getting a job to finding an apartment to hooking up with a date. While attaining your goals depends on your attitude and qualifications, research says having whiter teeth can also boost your chances. Studies have shown that people notice the other person’s teeth first, and also that whiter teeth tend to look younger, more attractive and more employable.

Whether you believe in these research findings or not, the good news is that it doesn’t take a lot of effort to test the validity of their claims. You can come for in for an appointment and get out in less than an hour with whiter, shinier teeth through an innovative solution called Zoom Whitening Tribeca dentists say this is one of the most popular whitening solutions today, yet there are still a lot of misconceptions about it. To get the best results from Zoom Whitening, make sure you know that the following myths are false:

It’s super fast.It’s true that a Zoom whitening session takes just 15 minutes. But it takes three sessions to complete a procedure for every visit, so it’s not like you can take it during your cigarette break. Also, you can’t just decide that you need white teeth and immediately have it “Zoomed.” A reputable dentist will first require you to go for a consultation to make sure that the procedure is safe and recommended for you.

Everyone should do it. Undergoing teeth whitening is generally beneficial for most people, but not everyone is a suitable candidate for Zoom. That’s why it’s important to go through the initial assessment and consultation. Zoom may not be recommended if you have gum disease or had your teeth restored through certain procedures. The best results are often seen from people with healthy gums and healthy but yellow-stained teeth.

Going DIY should do just fine. At-home whitening kits can be bought from most pharmacies and supermarkets, but Zoom is not something you should try at home. It should be done inside a dental facility,supervised and executed by a licensed dentist. The dentist will apply peroxide gel on your teeth which will be activated by UV light. Therefore, adequate protection for your eyes, face, lips and gums is a must. Zoom whitening is considered one of the safest cosmetic dental procedures, so you don’t have to worry about anything when you’re under the management of a professional.

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