ec1391eabf343d71726b74f8e64f0658-617x411You may already know that lollipops, chips, and sugary drinks are not doing your dental health any good. Not only do these types of food lack any nutritional value, but most of them will also bathe your teeth in sugar, which leads to tooth decay. But did you know that there are also good foods that benefit your dental health, like cheese, calcium-fortified tofu, and leafy greens? Not only are these healthy but they also contain high amounts of calcium, which your teeth need.

Eating the right foods is just the tip of the iceberg in maintaining good dental health. You will, of course, want to get checked and cleaned by your dentist, to brush your teeth and floss — and to be guided by these 10 facts on

1.Pain and infection due to tooth decay could potentially cause problems not just with eating, but also speaking and learning. Know that dental disease has been linked to stroke, diabetes, and heart disease, among others.

2. According to the National Children’s Oral Health Foundation, for every $1 spent on preventive measures for dental health, you get to save as much as $50 on restorative and emergency procedures if you were insured or underinsured.

3. The risk factors for oral diseases are not limited to poor oral hygiene and an unhealthy diet. Harmful alcohol use, tobacco use, and social factors also contribute to potentially developing oral diseases.

4. The World Health Organization reports that the most common oral diseases include gum disease, dental cavities, oral cancer, hereditary lesions, and trauma from injuries.

5. The National Children’s Oral Health Foundation has discovered that 51 million school hours plus 164 million work hours are wasted each year because of dental diseases.

6. You can prevent oral diseases (as well other chronic conditions) by eating a nutritionally balanced die. Cut down on sugar consumption and eat more fruits and vegetables.

7. The best way to brush your teeth is to do it twice a day, for two minutes. Brush all the surfaces of your teeth as well as the chewing surfaces, gently but firmly — never vigorously. Also, brush your tongue from back to front. This will help to remove plaque, which causes bad breath. And floss twice a day, too.

8. Sugar-free chewing gum can be additional protection for your dental health because it increases saliva flow. Saliva naturally washes away bacteria and neutralizes acid.

9. Fluoridated water is the best beverage for maintaining your dental health. Fluoride keeps your teeth resistant to acid that causes cavities.

10. Finally, did you know that kids smile about 400 times a day while women do so around 62 times? Men, it turns out smile eight times, on average, a day.


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