zoom5When you think about dentures, you think about your grandparents wearing them — it’s something you usually associate with elderly individuals who have already lost most or all of their teeth, and would flash happy but toothless smiles at you (until they remember to fish their dentures out of the glass of water where they’re being soaked, and put them on).


But did you know that you don’t have to reach a tender old age before getting dentures becomes a major concern? If you fail to observe proper dental hygiene for most of your life, you may find yourself needing dentures (partial or even complete) even while you’re still a young adult.


To help you get back on the right path toward better dental health, check out the information below, provided by a reputable  residents can look out for the following signs that would help them determine if getting dentures is the best step to take.


1. You observe symptoms of gum disease. Have you ever seen blood on your toothbrush when you brush your teeth, or are your gums often swollen and tender? Gum inflammation is a condition that can result in bone loss — and consequently, tooth loss — when left unchecked. Visiting the dentist for oral cleaning, and maintaining good hygiene habits at home, can address this issue that could cause you to need dentures.


2. You haven’t seen your dentist in a while. At the very least, you only need to visit your dentist once every six months; this frequency is enough to get your teeth checked and to immediately address signs of tooth decay and gum disease. Letting these dental issues go untreated could set you up for eventual tooth loss — and yes, the need for dentures.


3. You’re always nursing a toothache. Pain will mean that decay has set in and is attacking the nerve. If you wait too long to get a dentist to look at it, it may be too late to resolve it with a simple filling; the tooth may not be saved, and will need to be removed. Dentures would then be required to restore good oral function and a normal appearance.


4. The spaces between your teeth are getting wider, and some teeth may be loose. If you’ve had teeth extracted before, they aren’t coming back — and that means there are gaps left between your remaining teeth. Without partial dentures or other applications, your teeth will begin to shift or loosen, resulting in possible additional tooth loss that you will need to resolve using dentures.


Getting dentures doesn’t have to be inevitable for you — after all, they’re only designed to replace missing teeth. If you demonstrate proper care for the teeth you were born with, they’ll be sure to last you a long time. But if the time does come that dentures are the best tools available to improve your dental health, then your trusted dentist can make the right ones for your specific needs.


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