16717335_MVery rarely do people require emergency dental care. It’s not often that teeth get involved in a life and death situation — at least, there has not been any news of that thus far. However, it’s always good to know that should one require the services of an emergency dentist, there’s usually one (or a couple) in the community ready for the job.

While dental emergencies may not be as big a deal compared to medical ones, there are cases wherein patients just want to deal with their tooth problems as quickly as possible, in the oddest of hours, either to be ready and appropriate for a particular event, or simply to be free from the intensifying discomfort. When it comes to situations that require an emergency dentist – NYC patients have shared their top five.

  1. Chipped tooth – This happens to people from all walks of life – some are not bothered and do not even have it treated even if it makes them look like a pirate, but there are some who really cannot afford to be seen with a misshapen tooth, just like former SNL star Amy Poehler prior to appearing on live television or actress Hilary Duff on her wedding day.
  2. Lost crown or filling – This is a great source of discomfort for many because it exposes nerves and food can get stuck in the “hole” and breed bacteria. It’s always best to turn to an emergency dentist for this problem to prevent oral complications and further discomfort.
  3. Swelling and bleeding of the gums – This may be caused by different factors, but it’s imperative to have a dentist check it right out to determine if swelling and bleeding are caused by an oral infection or some other health problem such as a sinus infection (swelling), or leukemia (swelling and bleeding).
  4. Abscess – This is an oral infection that needs to be inspected and treated right away because not only does it lead to painful swelling but it may also leak pus. Oral infection often requires an immediate procedure, or a prescription (for antibiotics and pain relievers) that only dentists can provide.
  5. Inexplicable toothache and gum sensitivity – For cases wherein there are no cavities or broken teeth, which are the usual causes of such discomforts, it’s always helpful to be checked by an emergency dentist as soon as possible. The dentist can determine the actual cause(s) and present a solution.

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