brunettlargeTeeth discoloration is an inevitable part of the aging process. As more candles are added onto your birthday cake, it is perfectly normal for your teeth to lose some of its luster. Over time, human teeth become thinner and their dentin begins to show. In turn, this leads to the familiar yellowish tinge that is noticeable among older people.


However, there are certain factors which can hasten the process even among otherwise healthy young adults. One major contributor to teeth discoloration among adults are food and drinks. Some fruits, veggies, wines, coffee and tea stain the teeth. load testing website Smokers are also prone to teeth staining.


Poor oral hygiene is another major factor of teeth discoloration. Diseases which affect the teeth’s enamel and dentin can also lead to teeth discoloration. If you have been advised to take antibiotics like tetracycline and doxycycline, as well as medications like antihistamines and those for high blood pressure, you become more prone to discoloration.


Other common causes of this dental issue include genetics, exposure to high amounts of fluoride, and traumas.


If you want to keep your beaming white smile, there are several measures you can observe to keep teeth discoloration at bay. These include cutting back or even avoiding smoking and food and drinks that stain the teeth, and maintaining good oral hygiene (including regular visits to the dentist).


If you want to restore your teeth’s luster and color and give your confidence a big boost, Dr. Samuel Moche can help you achieve these goals. Dr. Moche offers two whitening systems to his patients: the conventional teeth whitening method and Zoom Teeth Whitening.


The conventional teeth whitening method involves the use of a customized mouthpiece tray as well as whitening gels. But unlike over-the-counter products, this tailored service is deemed safer and effective because the system accounts for the patient’s unique oral anatomy.


The Zoom Teeth Whitening system is preferred by patients who wish to see marked results within one session. This is an in-office system which is divided into three 15-minute sessions. It utilizes both ultraviolet light and peroxide gel to deliver quality results.


Do note that these cosmetic procedures are not for everyone and Dr. Moche has to examine your teeth first in order to determine the best option for you.These cosmetic procedures are typically recommended for patients who have an otherwise healthy set of teeth and gums and have had a minimal amount of teeth restoration done to them.

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