14719029_MDue to today’s high demand for products and services on teeth whitening NYC deals are often offered by establishments, from dental clinics to salons and spas and even to general merchandise shops,online and all over the city.

And to a certain extent, people who are grabbing these attractive teeth whitening deals are on the right track. Numerous studies have shown how great-looking teeth can affect how people perceive you, and therefore affect your access to openings and promotions in your career or experience more fulfilling personal relationships.

For instance, one survey reveals that people meeting someone for the first time will notice the other person’s teeth first, showing how first impressions can be constructed merely by your smile. Another study says HR professionals have a tendency to prefer job applicants with white, straight teeth. Meanwhile, a study on dating behaviors also affirms this: both men and women subconsciously choose partners who have a perfect set of unstained, sparkling teeth.

But what you should know is not all teeth whitening solutions are equal. It pays to be discerning when looking at deals and packages offered at unbelievable prices, because some of these products may actually do more harm than good. Note that teeth whitening is a component of dentistry and, in a lot of places, it’s illegal if it’s performed by a person other than a dentist or a dental professional following a dentist’s prescription. Submitting your teeth to procedures done outside a legitimate dental clinic or using DIY kits from an unknown manufacturer can be a risky move. Teeth sensitivity and cracking, gum damage and mouth sores are just some of the side effects reported from the use of the wrong bleaching agents.

Another consideration is the longevity of the whitening effect. Some products may seem super cheap, but the effect may last only for a very short time so you will need to spend for them repeatedly. Another issue is that the solution may not be as durable that your teeth can get stained easily, limiting your food choices and activities.

Your best bet are dentist-approved solutions, such as whitening gels and bleaching products that you can use at home but with the supervision of a dentist. Another option is to ask your dentist if you’re eligible for Zoom teeth whitening that can lighten discoloration in just one session.

Remember, having brighter teeth is an investment.For safe, effective and long-term teeth whitening results, it’s still best to go to a licensed professional – your trusted dentist – to provide the right solution for you.

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