Admit it: You admire and even envy a lot of famous Hollywood stars and other celebrities because they have the most beautiful smiles. They have perfectly white and straight teeth and the most dazzling smiles that sometimes you think they may not be human at all.

Most celebrities do possess the straightest sets of teeth you will see in this world. However, they didn’t simply get their perfect pearly whites by following good oral hygiene and other practices. They had to use teeth aligners at one point or another in their life to get flawlessly aligned teeth.

The good news today is that to get straighter teeth, you don’t only have to limit your option of either getting metal braces or retainers. These traditional types of aligners are just too clunky and uncomfortable to wear, and they are certainly high-maintenance — you have to carefully select which foods to eat every time since you don’t want to get some pieces stuck on the wires and brackets. They are also quite difficult to clean and you will have to frequently visit your dentist to have them properly adjusted.

In Manhattan Invisalign aligners are becoming a popular option for people who want to have straighter teeth and a better smile. Invisalign aligners are especially custom-made to straighten your teeth. The aligner trays are made of smooth, comfortable and clear BPA-free plastic that you simply wear over your teeth. When you constantly wear them, the aligners will gradually and gently shift your teeth into place.

Invisalign aligners are practically invisible. You can wear them day and night and they won’t be easily noticed by other people. They are also removable. You can take off the aligners when you want to eat or if you will be speaking in front of a crowd. They are also very comfortable to wear and they do not feel bulky or clunky at all whenever you place them on your teeth.

Aside from straightening crooked teeth, Invisalign has also been proven to be effective in treating or correcting other orthodontic problems. These include:

  • Overbites
  • Severely rotated teeth
  • Crowding and spacing in teeth that are greater than five millimeters
  • Skeletal malocclusions
  • Open bites in the front and back of the mouth that need to be closed
  • Teeth that are severely tipped
  • Upper or lower jaws with multiple missing teeth


Invisalign aligners are the ideal teeth straightening solutions for teenagers and adults who want to have a better a smile today. They won’t feel awkward whenever they have the aligners on. And of course, by following their dentist’s advice, they will have straighter teeth and a revitalized smile after the recommended treatment duration.

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