I moved here a few months ago and needed to find a dentist. I came across Dr. Moche’s name and was extremely happy i did. Before him I hated going to dentists, they all scared the you know what out of me, but once I went to him I felt no pain and he is sooo cool. Also, he speaks so many languages it was really cool, I felt like i was in some kind of television show, haha. I’m definitely happy I found Dr. Moche, as long as I’m on the east coast I won’t go to any other dentist. olpal

I went to see Dr. Moche on an emergency dental problem. Dr. Moche relaxed me to the point where I actually had a good time.. Weird right? But Dr. Moche was fun, professional and his dental skills were great. I have recommended him to all my friends immediately. They loved Dr. Moche too.
Go see him… you will be surprised to be treated by such a fantastic dentist.
Pros: Lobby entrance, comfortable waiting room, midtown and easy to get to from east or west side.

Went to Dr. Moche based on two recommendations of my coworker. He was great. One of the most friendliest dentists I have met. He made me feel very comfortable while I was having a wisdom tooth extracted. For follow up visits, he had gave me white fillings as compared to silver. That is something new, most other dentists overcharge you in that department. I had a great experience with Dr. Moche, and thats saying alot for a visit to the dentist.
Diana M.

If you’re anything like me, you probably have some horror story involving dentists.
Mine goes like this… Several years ago, I had a horrific wisdom teeth extraction procedure at another dental practice out of state, where I woke up in the middle of it with a huge pair of pliers yanking out an impacted top tooth. I wasn’t completely numb, so I felt everything, screamed, and nearly came out of the chair. Suffice it to say, I was scarred for life. The idea of anyone coming near my mouth with anything (other than cake) launches me into a full-on anxiety attack.
I explained this to Dr. Moche, and how I’d need nitrous oxide (which they do use in their practice if you need it) and he was completely understanding. He laughed and made jokes with me the entire time. I felt 100% comfortable and relaxed in his care.
I saw him when I cracked two of my fillings biting down on something. Not sure what magic he worked, but he was able to sand them down, refill them and polish them without numbing me, drilling me, or hurting me whatsoever. It took him 10 minutes. I’m as good as new and experienced ZERO pain. He’s very VERY gentle and just a sweet guy.

I am so thankful a colleague introduced me to his practice. GO SEE HIM!
Melody E.

I feel like a new person.
I am so pleased with the outcome of my porcelain veneers. I feel like a new person.
Layla J.

I love to smile now!
After the Zoom whitening procedure by Dr. Moche, I feel confident when I smile. My teeth are a beautiful natural white.
Yoko H.