WeightDrinksIf you want to improve the look and health of your teeth, it’s important to understand the different components that affect it; everything from your diet, your daily activities and even style choices should be well thought of. An NYC dentist claims that the effects of these components appear quite gradually, which is actually more concerning because people tend to overlook them; only after careful inspection or a proper trip to the dentist do they realize that their teeth have greatly worn down or are in a such unhealthy state.

To make people more aware of the different ways tooth health gets compromised, the NYC dentist has listed the activities people may be doing that wear the teeth down and weaken it.

  1. Exercising — This is thought of overall as a completely healthy activity, but the thing is, people tend to grind or grit their teeth when they’re struggling with the execution of physically demanding exercises, and that causes surface damage to teeth.
  2. Swimming — Again, this is great for physical health, but if you often swim in the pool, your teeth gets regularly exposed to chlorine-treated water and chlorine is known to cause serious damage to the teeth by eroding it. It’s highly acidic and can soften teeth, and soft teeth are highly prone to tooth decay and other types of damage. It’s better to swim in the ocean because salt water is actually good for the teeth.
  3. Drinking — Juices, fizzy beverages, energy drinks and wines can stain, soften and weaken teeth. All beverages with citric acid make teeth very sensitive and leave stains. If such beverages need to be consumed, it’s imperative to dilute them in water or simply to drink water after them to minimize their negative effects.
  4. Frequent consumption of sour fruits — Green mangoes, oranges and even berries are yummy and good for the diet, but they have high acidity, and this is why teeth feel quite sensitive to water or when chewing other foods after eating them. The acidity does not only make teeth sensitive, but it erodes teeth as well.
  5. Using shimmery or matte coral and peach lipstick — This will not damage teeth, but will actually make them appear yellow-y. Cool reds, purple, and plum colored lipsticks, meanwhile, can make teeth look brighter and whiter.
  6. Brushing teeth after consuming the aforementioned beverages and sour fruits — This actually does more damage because teeth are weak at that point; it will not only make teeth more sensitive, but it can also contribute to the wearing away of the teeth’s enamel.

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