energy-drinkHaving perfectly pearly white teeth is the goal of many people, and this has prompted several companies that produce oral health essentials to increase their selection of DIY home tooth whitening products. From whitening strips, to special toothpastes and rinses, to ampoules – they’re all on the market for people who want great-looking teeth.

And for those who want instantaneous results and the best whitening effect, laser teeth whitening NYC clinic claims, is the most highly recommended. When it comes to efficacy, there’s no doubt that it yields the best results. However, to ensure longer-lasting results, a trusted dental clinic in NYC says that post-treatment care is crucial. There are several things to avoid doing after the treatment and it’s important to follow these, for not only do they protect the shine of the teeth, but they can also prevent discomforts and potential tooth damages in the future.

Listed below are some important don’t after tooth whitening.

  • Don’t smoke before and after the treatment. It can stain your sensitive teeth and likewise promote bad breath. If you can stop smoking altogether, all the better for oral health.
  • Don’t breathe out your mouth (which is another reason why you should stop smoking for a while); breathing out your mouth can make your teeth even more sensitive because of the contact with cold air. If you don’t want the pain, keep your mouth closed and breathe through your nose.
  • For the next 48 hours, don’t consume any dark-colored food or beverages such as red wine, coffee, colas, tea, juice or any type of food with artificial dyes because these will render the treatment completely useless. If you really need to eat or drink, it’s better to opt for milk, cheese, water, yogurt, and salads (hold off the beets) because they are light-colored and even have nutrients which can strengthen teeth.
  • Don’t gulp down beverages (especially colored ones) if you don’t want to intensify the sensitivity of your teeth. Instead, use a straw to sip and prevent instantaneous contact between the fluid (be it warm or cold) and your pearly whites.
  • Don’t brush your teeth vigorously. Some people think this can help maintain the nice bright hue, but it can actually increase sensitivity and even create enamel scratches, so be gentle with the brushing and stick to plain water when rinsing your teeth. Also, if you cannot brush after meals right away, just consume more water to flush out food sediments from your mouth.


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