26510891_MTaking care of your kids’ teeth is one of the best things you can do for your child’s health, confidence and well-being. Dentists say proper oral care starts even way before your baby grows her first tooth. Parents are taught to rub a baby’s gums gently with a soft, clean cloth after every feeding to prevent sugar (and therefore, bacteria) buildup.

It may be a struggle for some families to get kids to brush their teeth regularly, but eventually your little ones will thank you for the attention and diligence you showed for their teeth, saving them from the pain and problems of tooth decay.

You can consult any leading dentist in New York, NY and they will all agree that tooth decay can significantly reduce the quality of life of your kids. For one, cavities can be extremely painful and this can be an obstacle in the development milestones that your child should be achieving. Weak teeth or inflamed gums can make chewing difficult and this can affect the appetite of your kids, their attitude during mealtimes, and their ability to derive nutrition from the food you prepare for them.

Perhaps the issue that will be very challenging to tackle is the impact of tooth decay toward your kid’s self-esteem and confidence. Having poor, stained or imperfect teeth can be embarrassing for your child and can affect how they interact with other people. Numerous studies have shown how poor oral health can lead to a poor social life. A low self-esteem due to discomfort about their teeth can influence a lot of major aspects in your child’s life, from how they perform at school to how they make friends to how they explore their skills and interests.

Childhood cavities, in the unfortunate event that they happen, should be addressed urgently and be resolved with vigilant dental care. Not only dothey present a lot of negative consequences to the life of a child, but the problems can also extend to later years. Issues with permanent teeth or adult oral health often stem from issues with teeth and gums during a person’s younger years.

The good news is that there are simple, inexpensive and tried-and-tested ways to save your child from tooth decay. Instilling the value of good oral health hygiene and establishing a consistent routine of brushing, flossing and avoiding food such as sweets that can be bad for the teeth are all great investments when it comes to your little one’s tooth and gum health.Most importantly, start a relationship with your dentist early. Make every visit interesting and enjoyable to get your child to cooperate and work with the dentist, to ensure their pearly whiteswill remain strong and beautiful through the years.

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