Cosmetic dental work sounds like it’s strictly just for the wealthy and celebrities, doesn’t it? But they are not. Did you know that some cosmetic procedures could be as affordable as $300?

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry shares that while most patients, several years back, spent little less than $4,000 on cosmetic procedures, this does not necessarily mean that the elective dental procedure can’t be low-cost.

The key is finding the right cosmetic dentist Tribeca has licensed. That means considering the years of practice, the expertise in cosmetic procedures, and payment options offered. You probably already know that since cosmetic dental procedures are considered elective, they are not covered by your insurance. So you will want a dentist who can take all major credit cards as payment.

Once you have found the right cosmetic dentist in Tribeca, then you can consider your options for procedures — because cosmetic dentistry is more than just the average teeth whitening procedure. Here are your other options:

Tooth Reshaping

This procedure involves removing small fragments of enamel to alter the surface, length, or shape of the tooth or teeth. The cost will depend on how much work is required per tooth. And it is not recommended for patients with decaying teeth and unhealthy gums.

Dental X-rays are taken to make sure your teeth are in good health. Teeth that need sculpting will be marked. The dentist will use a sanding instrument to remove imperfections, sandpaper-like strips will be applied to contour the teeth, and then the teeth will be smoothed and polished.


These are thin, customized shells meant to disguise stained teeth of hide gaps. It is generally prescribed for people who might not respond well to teeth whitening procedures. There are two materials for veneers: porcelain and composite. Porcelain is recommended for changing tooth shape or size.

Smile Enhancements

This could include any number of procedures. Your choices today would be Invisalign, which are innovative “invisible” braces to straighten teeth; chair-side teeth whitening procedures that lighten and brighten your dull teeth in just an hour, and other new smile makeover procedures.

There are many other cosmetic dental procedures to consider these days. What you end up getting would, naturally, depend on the recommendation of your dentist. As you know, some procedures might not be suitable for certain patients who have specific dental conditions. So before you have your heart set on a cosmetic procedure, book your appointment with the right dentist in Tribeca. And begin your journey to getting that better smile today.

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