21913053_MIf you are a new parent, you’ve probably heard of the war stories other moms and dads tell about their children’s fear of visiting the dentist. But before you tremble in fear, anticipating the crying and tantrums, know that your child’s visit to a dentist New York NY locals trust should not be fraught with fear and anxiety.

Here are a few helpful tips that can allay your kid’s fear and make every visit to the dentist stress-free.

Schedule a visit the soonest time possible

Begin visiting the dentist once your child’s first tooth manifests itself. Apart from ensuring that your child gets professional help at an early age, these visits can help eliminate fears by breeding familiarity.

Make it quick

If you are going to the dentist for the first time with an older kid, make sure that the visit remains simple. If there is a treatment that needs to be done, schedule it for the next visit. Your goal for the first visit is to expose your child to the dental clinic and show that there is nothing to fear.

Be mindful of what you say

Sometimes, the child’s fear of the dentist stems from the parents who, in most instances, involuntarily fuel that negative emotion by using words like “pain.” In explaining the visit to the dentist, try to avoid using such words and explain the visit in simple terms that the child can readily understand.

Schedule a different visit for yourself

You might think that you are saving time by scheduling a visit to the dentist both for you and your young one. However, this can adversely affect your child’s view of dental visits, especially if your dentist performs extensive work on your mouth. Also, avoid telling your child about the previous dental work you have undergone which may seem scary to him.

Explain the importance of the visit

Early on, your child should understand that oral health is an integral part of achieving overall health and fitness. And apart from regular brushing and flossing, regular visits to the dentist will allow him to keep dental problems at bay. Emphasize that visits to the dentist are a must and are non-negotiable.

Be prepared

Despite all your preparations and best efforts, your child may still throw a tantrum during his visit to the dentist. That is perfectly normal especially among young children, and most dentists and their staff are accustomed to such. What you can do is to remain calm and try to ease your child’s anxiety.

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