zoom-teeth-whitening-las-vegasAs you get older, the condition of your teeth also starts going downhill. Your natural set of teeth always gets a bit of wear and tear every day. Even if your eligiously practice proper dental hygiene and care, problems with your teeth will still eventually come up.

And just like any grown-up person, you probably also have one or more vices: coffee, alcohol, cigars, unhealthy carbonated drinks, chocolates and sweets, etc. These vices also contribute to your teeth being more prone to tooth decay and discoloration.

If you are already at that stage when you’re not feeling too confident about flashing your pearly whites, this is the right time for you to think about approaching your dentist and asking about the best kinds of treatments for you.

Since one of the reasons behind your lack of confidence in smiling is your stained or discolored teeth, one of the solutions your dentist may recommend to you is teeth (Zoom) whitening. This particular type of dental solution or procedure is an in-office bleaching process which quickly whitens stained and discolored teeth.

The process usually starts with checking the patient’s teeth first to determine if the procedure is safe to be used on the patient. Once it is deemed safe to do the whitening process on the patient, the dentist will then clean the patient’s teeth. The dentist will then cover the lips and gums of the patient and will apply a patented 25 percent Zoom hydrogen peroxide gel on the teeth. This gel is applied on the teeth three times, every 15 minutes. After each application of the hydrogen peroxide gel, a sensitivity-reducing fluoride paste or gel is also put or rubbed on the patient’s teeth.

The dentist will then use the Zoom Advanced Power Chairside Lamp, which emits safe amounts of ultra violet light.While the hydrogen peroxide is broken down, oxygen and dentin also penetrates the teeth to break up all the stains and discoloration and make them whiter.  The whole teeth whitening process usually takes an hour but it can take longer if the dentist takes some time with the pre-cleaning procedure.

This particular method is not as time-consuming as the other whitening procedures and you will immediately see an improvement in the color of your teeth as soon as the whole process is over. This teeth bleaching process can also give your teeth a more natural white color or appearance rather than one that looks quite “forced or artificial.”

To always have that picture-perfect smile, you still need to follow good dental practices and you also have to start avoiding certain types of food and beverages such as coffee, tea, sodas, chocolate drinks and red wine, or consume them in moderation so that your pearly whites won’t easily get stains and discolorations again.




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