How To Find A Good Dentist – Brooklyn Locals Share Their Tips

13133694_MIf you’ve just recently moved to Brooklyn and you’re looking for professionals who can help you establish your life comfortably in the area, one of them (which you would definitely need to find right away)is a goodhas a lot of family and specialty dentists, so finding the one that can take care of your oral needs will surely not be a problem. However, if you’re having trouble making the selection, here are some great tips from locals.

  1. Get a recommendation from your neighbors or your apartment building super. Most likely, they will recommend their own dentist, but the good thing about this is you can get as much information as you need from them. You can ask about the various services their dentists offer, the accessibility of the clinic, work hours, and even their own experience.
  2. You can also get a recommendation from your old dentist. Give him a call and inquire if they know a dentist that’s based in your new community. Most dentists have connections in different cities and it’s highly possible that your former dentist knows one (or a couple) to recommend.
  3. If you’re looking for a specialty dentist in your area, check the website of national dental organizations. Many of them have a register of specialist dentists all across the nation. You can look up one that’s near your location, and the register also includes other important information such as qualifications the dentist holds and all the specialties he offers – data that can definitely help you make the best decision.
  4. Since you’re already conducting your search online, just Google “dentist” and your area to get an extensive list of dental professionals in your area who have a website. You can dedicate time for checking out all of these websites, seeing the credentials of the dentists, as well as learning about their line-up of services plus other important information. You will even find testimonials from clients and you can secure a fair conclusion about the brand of service the office and the dentist offer. You can even set an appointment through the websites already if, after navigating the entire website, you’re certain you liked what the dentist offers.
  5. You can also use the available app nowadays that locates dental offices within your area. A lot of dental clinics or offices nowadays are listed in the app so you’ll surely find one that is most accessible, if that’s one of your main considerations.


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For Really Pearly Whites: Look For Teeth Whitening NYC Deals Or Visit A Dentist?

14719029_MDue to today’s high demand for products and services on teeth whitening NYC deals are often offered by establishments, from dental clinics to salons and spas and even to general merchandise shops,online and all over the city.

And to a certain extent, people who are grabbing these attractive teeth whitening deals are on the right track. Numerous studies have shown how great-looking teeth can affect how people perceive you, and therefore affect your access to openings and promotions in your career or experience more fulfilling personal relationships.

For instance, one survey reveals that people meeting someone for the first time will notice the other person’s teeth first, showing how first impressions can be constructed merely by your smile. Another study says HR professionals have a tendency to prefer job applicants with white, straight teeth. Meanwhile, a study on dating behaviors also affirms this: both men and women subconsciously choose partners who have a perfect set of unstained, sparkling teeth.

But what you should know is not all teeth whitening solutions are equal. It pays to be discerning when looking at deals and packages offered at unbelievable prices, because some of these products may actually do more harm than good. Note that teeth whitening is a component of dentistry and, in a lot of places, it’s illegal if it’s performed by a person other than a dentist or a dental professional following a dentist’s prescription. Submitting your teeth to procedures done outside a legitimate dental clinic or using DIY kits from an unknown manufacturer can be a risky move. Teeth sensitivity and cracking, gum damage and mouth sores are just some of the side effects reported from the use of the wrong bleaching agents.

Another consideration is the longevity of the whitening effect. Some products may seem super cheap, but the effect may last only for a very short time so you will need to spend for them repeatedly. Another issue is that the solution may not be as durable that your teeth can get stained easily, limiting your food choices and activities.

Your best bet are dentist-approved solutions, such as whitening gels and bleaching products that you can use at home but with the supervision of a dentist. Another option is to ask your dentist if you’re eligible for Zoom teeth whitening that can lighten discoloration in just one session.

Remember, having brighter teeth is an investment.For safe, effective and long-term teeth whitening results, it’s still best to go to a licensed professional – your trusted dentist – to provide the right solution for you.

What Every Leading Dentist In New York, NY Says About Caring For Your Kids’ Teeth

26510891_MTaking care of your kids’ teeth is one of the best things you can do for your child’s health, confidence and well-being. Dentists say proper oral care starts even way before your baby grows her first tooth. Parents are taught to rub a baby’s gums gently with a soft, clean cloth after every feeding to prevent sugar (and therefore, bacteria) buildup.

It may be a struggle for some families to get kids to brush their teeth regularly, but eventually your little ones will thank you for the attention and diligence you showed for their teeth, saving them from the pain and problems of tooth decay.

You can consult any leading dentist in New York, NY and they will all agree that tooth decay can significantly reduce the quality of life of your kids. For one, cavities can be extremely painful and this can be an obstacle in the development milestones that your child should be achieving. Weak teeth or inflamed gums can make chewing difficult and this can affect the appetite of your kids, their attitude during mealtimes, and their ability to derive nutrition from the food you prepare for them.

Perhaps the issue that will be very challenging to tackle is the impact of tooth decay toward your kid’s self-esteem and confidence. Having poor, stained or imperfect teeth can be embarrassing for your child and can affect how they interact with other people. Numerous studies have shown how poor oral health can lead to a poor social life. A low self-esteem due to discomfort about their teeth can influence a lot of major aspects in your child’s life, from how they perform at school to how they make friends to how they explore their skills and interests.

Childhood cavities, in the unfortunate event that they happen, should be addressed urgently and be resolved with vigilant dental care. Not only dothey present a lot of negative consequences to the life of a child, but the problems can also extend to later years. Issues with permanent teeth or adult oral health often stem from issues with teeth and gums during a person’s younger years.

The good news is that there are simple, inexpensive and tried-and-tested ways to save your child from tooth decay. Instilling the value of good oral health hygiene and establishing a consistent routine of brushing, flossing and avoiding food such as sweets that can be bad for the teeth are all great investments when it comes to your little one’s tooth and gum health.Most importantly, start a relationship with your dentist early. Make every visit interesting and enjoyable to get your child to cooperate and work with the dentist, to ensure their pearly whiteswill remain strong and beautiful through the years.

Situations That Require An Emergency Dentist – NYC Patients Share Their Top 5

16717335_MVery rarely do people require emergency dental care. It’s not often that teeth get involved in a life and death situation — at least, there has not been any news of that thus far. However, it’s always good to know that should one require the services of an emergency dentist, there’s usually one (or a couple) in the community ready for the job.

While dental emergencies may not be as big a deal compared to medical ones, there are cases wherein patients just want to deal with their tooth problems as quickly as possible, in the oddest of hours, either to be ready and appropriate for a particular event, or simply to be free from the intensifying discomfort. When it comes to situations that require an emergency dentist – NYC patients have shared their top five.

  1. Chipped tooth – This happens to people from all walks of life – some are not bothered and do not even have it treated even if it makes them look like a pirate, but there are some who really cannot afford to be seen with a misshapen tooth, just like former SNL star Amy Poehler prior to appearing on live television or actress Hilary Duff on her wedding day.
  2. Lost crown or filling – This is a great source of discomfort for many because it exposes nerves and food can get stuck in the “hole” and breed bacteria. It’s always best to turn to an emergency dentist for this problem to prevent oral complications and further discomfort.
  3. Swelling and bleeding of the gums – This may be caused by different factors, but it’s imperative to have a dentist check it right out to determine if swelling and bleeding are caused by an oral infection or some other health problem such as a sinus infection (swelling), or leukemia (swelling and bleeding).
  4. Abscess – This is an oral infection that needs to be inspected and treated right away because not only does it lead to painful swelling but it may also leak pus. Oral infection often requires an immediate procedure, or a prescription (for antibiotics and pain relievers) that only dentists can provide.
  5. Inexplicable toothache and gum sensitivity – For cases wherein there are no cavities or broken teeth, which are the usual causes of such discomforts, it’s always helpful to be checked by an emergency dentist as soon as possible. The dentist can determine the actual cause(s) and present a solution.

Leading NY Dentist Clinics’ Guide To Healthier Teeth And Gums For Moms-To-Be

12137517_MWhen you’re pregnant, your body undergoes major changes, some of which are obvious to you and other people around you, while some are invisible and undetectable. These changes are mostly due to your system adjusting to the presence of a foreign body – your baby growing inside you.

For you to be able to adapt to these changes well, it’s important to be in tip-top health throughout your pregnancy. Women know how important to it is to be more vigilant about protecting yourself, and therefore your baby, against catching diseases and getting sick. You would want to eat well, so you both can benefit from good nutrition. You would want to adapt a balanced, active lifestyle to strengthen your body and prepare it for labor, birth and finally, taking care of a newborn.

But there is one aspect of health that most pregnant women neglect: their oral health. According to a leading NY dentist, caring for the teeth and gums during pregnancy (or even outside pregnancy) is often the last priority because of the notion that caring for your teeth is “merely” an aesthetic issue.

OB-gynecologists stress two things: 1) Being pregnant can make you prone to teeth and gum disease, and 2) poor dental health, specifically periodontal disease,has been linked to having preterm, low-birth weight babies. Thus, it is absolutely essential that women make it a point to give their oral health extra attention during this critical time in their life.

The following are dentists’ tips on taking care of your teeth and gums while having a baby:

  1. Stay away from sugary food and stick to a diet rich in vegetables and fruits.
  2. Brush and floss religiously. Extra diligence about your oral hygiene is recommended.
  3. Schedule an appointment with your dentist immediately as soon as you learn of your pregnancy, so you’ll have more time for preparation in case some dental work needs to be done. Alert your dentist of any problem, such as bleeding gums or a toothache.
  4. Educate yourself on how you can take better care of your dental health and how to avoid dental emergencies.Understand how the state of your teeth and gums impact your baby’s health.
  5. Plot your dental health plan. Regardless of the health benefits and insurance products that you are eligible for, the fact is dental health services can be expensive, and can weigh heavily on the budget on top of the other medical expenses related to your pregnancy. Make sure you are sufficiently prepared for the essentials as well as potential emergencies.

Tooth Woes That Can Be Resolved By Your Dentist – NYC

7861600_MWhat’s the perfect cap to any outfit? A gorgeous smile. We hear it quoted ad nauseam by “Annie” aficionados; still, there’s wisdom in the refrain “You’re never fully dressed without a smile.”

But what if your smile falls short of being attractive for some reason? Teeth are a major factor in this regard, hence the need to get help from a dentist NYC folks can bring in a wide and crazy variety of dental issues, but there is sure to be a solution for every last one of them.

  • Crooked teeth – Not everybody was able to benefit from orthodontic treatment as children. While adults can definitely go for traditional braces or the more convenient versions such as Invisalign or Six Month Smiles, they can also opt to use porcelain veneers to achieve that much-improved smile. Porcelain veneers are also great for gaps between teeth.
  • Cracked or chipped teeth – These can result from something as innocuous as chewing sticky candy or tough meat to incurring more serious trauma like that from an injury. They can be remedied with bonded fillings, porcelain inlays or on lays, and porcelain veneers.
  • Discolored teeth – Teeth stain easily and as we age, we’ll notice changes in their color. It can’t be all blamed on improper oral hygiene. At times, illnesses and medication cause teeth discoloration. The food and drinks we consume also contribute to the staining. And it’s even worse for those who smoke. Whitening is the solution for such a problem, and there are several procedures available for those looking to whiten their teeth.
  • Missing teeth – This condition can seriously impact the appearance and function of your mouth. It can lead to shifting teeth and other periodontal problems as well as affect the chewing function. Dentures used to be solution of choice, but since dental implants were offered, many patients have come to prefer them.
  • Old fillings – It’s a little off-putting to see dark spots on their molars while people are laughing wholeheartedly or belting out a song. They’re probably mercury fillings, but it doesn’t stop most people from mistaking them for cavities, especially when they’ve dulled and lost their silver sheen. Dental amalgam can be replaced with tooth-colored fillings to improve the appearance of your teeth.


These are just some of the dental problems hindering people from displaying a beautiful smile. They can be resolved by getting the appropriate services from a dentist. NYC patients can happily start flashing their dream smile before long.

How An NYC Dentist Can Improve Your Smile

16694287_MNever underestimate the power of a charming smile. You’ve heard innumerable singers croon, “You’ll find that life is still worthwhile if you’ll just smile.” A smile can transform a plain face, making it infinitely more attractive. People use it to engage other people, to win over the adversary to their side, to get their own way, etc. No doubt, it’s a mighty tool to wield. Flashed at the right person at the right time, it can certainly change someone’s life. You really can’t stress enough the importance of having a beautiful smile.

There are many things that contribute to the making of a winning smile. There’s the spirit behind it, the sincerity of its wearer, and a bunch of other factors that characterize its overall quality. Physically, it mostly has to do with good teeth.

Toothless grins only look good on babies. For the rest of us, we need teeth to muster up a good-looking smile. The presence of teeth isn’t enough, however. It’s pretty hard to achieve a gorgeous smile when your teeth are crooked, stained, chipped, decayed, gapped, etc. This is where an NYC dentist can help you.

Oral health is important, of course, but aesthetics ranks up there as well when it comes to reasons to visit an excellent dentist. He can provide the appropriate service for whatever you may need to improve your smile. For instance, if your teeth are rotted, your dentist can get to work restoring their health. If they can still be remedied, you’ll probably have to get a filling; however, those that are beyond help may need to be extracted, in which case, you’ll have to get dentures or implants to keep your set complete.

Meanwhile, if you have crooked teeth, your dentist could get you fitted with braces. You could go for the traditional ones or your case may be mild enough to be corrected by Invisalign. On the other hand, if your teeth are merely stained, you could go for teeth-whitening sessions. These days, you can take advantage of a Zoom whitening procedure that will give you whiter teeth in just an hour.

Chips, cracks, gaps, and other dental issues all have suitable solutions as well. Certainly, modern dentistry has taken giant strides in the last decades. Dentists today are a real marvel at transforming the appearance of problematic teeth. Whatever your dental condition may be, your trusted NYC dentist can assure you of a more confident smile after he has treated you.